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Emergency Plumber in Kailua-Kona

Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

It’s no wonder we’ve earned such an impeccable reputation at Steve’s Plumbing & A/C Service as a Kailua-Kona plumber. We’re not just in the business of plumbing, we’re in the business of going above and beyond to take care of customers.

We provide our customers with the following plumbing services, and more!

  • Tankless water heater repair and installation
  • Water heater repair
  • Water heater installation or replacement
  • Gas line repair
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Drain cleaning
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Pipe coating
  • Cured-in-place pipelining
  • Pipe descaling
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Water filtration

​​You may have plenty of possible options to call when you need plumbing service in Kailua-Kona, but only one that can deliver excellence. We’ve been in the business since 1987, and now we’re ready to put all that hands-on industry experience to work for you. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us and see why we are the most trusted plumbers in all of Kailua-Kona and beyond!​

Our Plumbing Services in Kailua-Kona

Plumbing repairs come in all shapes and sizes and can affect any of the countless facets that make up your plumbing system. It’s good to know you have a reliable resource in the Kailua-Kona area to contact should a problem develop.

Some common examples of plumbing repairs we get service calls for each day include:

  • Leaking Pipes
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Dripping Faucets
  • Slow Flowing Drains
  • Non-Functional Plumbing

The good news is that we provide skilled work and upfront pricing. Some equally great news is that we also offer same-day service and are available 24/7 for repairs.

We’ll quickly get to the root of the problem and provide a long-term solution. At Steve’s Plumbing & A/C Service, we promise prompt and professional repairs, as well as 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Plumbing in Kailua-Kona

Are you looking for a commercial plumbing contractor in Kailua-Kona who you can trust? Our commercial plumbing team has years of combined experience, and can get your plumbing system in your business back up and running in no time!

We can help with the following commercial plumbing emergencies, and more:

  • Toilet & fixture repair
  • Drain cleaning & clog removal
  • Leaking pipes
  • Water heater problems
  • Water pressure problems
  • Backflow prevention problems
  • Sewer line issues

Choose From Our Many Services

Among the many qualifications that help us rank as a top local plumbing company is the fact that we offer plenty of service to our customers. No plumbing problem is either too big or too small for us to take care of. Whether you need help installing a new water heater, or you need to repair a leaking pipe, we got you covered. We take pride in using the latest technology to take care of your plumbing needs. Call us today for any type of plumbing repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance need!

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And those are just a few from the long list of options we have for residential and commercial clients. Give us a call today and get the premium service and treatment that you deserve from a Kailua-Kona plumber.

What Our Clients Say

Matt was very professional and considerate as we are in a COVID world. May not necessarily be the cheapest but you are paying for the quality, peace of mind, and quick response time to my urgent matter. I will definitely call them again for my next plumbing issue.

-Elias S.

If you have any plumbing needs this is the company to use. They said they would be there at 9:30 and by gosh, they showed up at 9:28 that not a normal thing when it comes to plumbing. Both of them were not they answered all my questions without hesitation and got the job done within 45 minutes even though they said it would take an hour and a half.

-Bob J.

Brayden and Maka worked on a major repair at our home over a time period of four days. We have high praise for both of them, their professionalism, courtesy, friendliness, and reliability. Steve’s Plumbing is lucky to have these two fine employees.


Shon Bolo was very courteous. He was very informative about how Plumbing is just as important as the engine of a car. He was very respectful. Even though I wasn’t able to get everything done as expected. Shon was able to install my laundry tub to get my washer ready to drain and connected. Definitely would recommend shon bolo to friends and neighbors. Thank you very much for the wonderful job. Great service Shon!!

-Rowena H.

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