Manufacturer Warranties

Don’t Void Your Warranties! Document Annual Professional Maintenance

Water heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces come with manufacturer warranties. But these warranties can be voided without proof of regular maintenance performed by professionals. Tempted to skip annual maintenance or do it yourself? You may find yourself with a big repair or replacement bill that your warranty will not cover.

Water Heater Maintenance is Needed to Validate Warranty

Both tank water heaters and tankless water heaters require annual maintenance to avoid corrosion and sediment build-up. Most water heater warranties will be made void if this annual maintenance is not documented. Annual maintenance ensures your water temperature and pressure is safe and compliant with local codes. Having a licensed plumber like Steve’s Plumbing & AC Hawaii perform annual maintenance will keep your water heater from breaking down, and will help it last longer, too. But most importantly, if there are any manufacturer defects, Steve’s will be able to document the professional maintenance performed so that the manufacturer warranties stay valid.

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Performed Annually Maintains Warranties

Air conditioning systems need annual tune-ups to avoid breakdowns and to maintain the efficiency and intended lifespan of the equipment. Most air conditioner warranties require proof of annual maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Tune-ups, repairs, and installations made with off-brand parts can void warranties, as can installation that has been performed by the homeowner as opposed to qualified professionals like Steve’s Plumbing & AC Hawaii. Plumbing, heating, and cooling companies often provide an additional warranty on equipment over and above the manufacturer warranty.

Furnace Tune-Ups Keep Warranties Valid and Your Family Safe

Furnaces warranties, like water heaters and air conditioners, are only valid if regular maintenance by professional technicians is documented. Furnaces require annual tune-ups to keep equipment running efficiently and to prevent breakdowns. Gas furnaces also need safety checks to prevent deadly carbon monoxide from entering your home and to prevent fire hazards. Professional HVAC technicians like Steve’s Plumbing & AC Hawaii provide the annual tune-ups and safety checks needed to keep your family safe and to maintain your equipment warranties.

Plumbing, Cooling & Heating Membership Service Plans Can Help

Keeping track of annual maintenance on your home’s plumbing, cooling and heating systems can be a headache. That is why so many homeowners rely on service memberships with their local plumber and air conditioning specialists, like the Ohana Club membership at Steve’s Plumbing & AC Hawaii.

Instead of budgeting for annual tune-ups and inspections, low monthly service membership fees can be easily budgeted. Members can then let the membership service remind them of tune-up visits needed, instead of trying to keep track by themselves.

Service memberships like the Ohana Club offer many other benefits as well:

  1. Warranties are maintained by professional regular maintenance
  2. Tune-up and inspection reminders to make scheduling easy
  3. Low monthly cost makes maintenance affordable and budgeted
  4. Breakdowns and comfort interruptions are avoided
  5. Money is saved as equipment runs more efficiently, saving energy
  6. Equipment lasts longer, saving money on replacement costs
  7. Priority, front-of-the-line service is given to members
  8. Dispatch fees can be avoided, even on evenings, weekends and holidays
  9. Members receive exclusive discounts and special offers

Service Memberships Preserve Warranties and Offer Peace of Mind

The low monthly fee of service memberships like the Ohana Club pays off by ensuring that your warranties are maintained, your energy bills are reduced, costly repair bills are avoided, and your equipment lasts longer. Peace of mind is the biggest payoff; no more worrying if your home will stay cool or your shower will provide hot water. Contact Steve’s Plumbing & AC today!

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