Top 5 Hypoallergenic Pets

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Staying home for extended periods of time has reignited our love and appreciation for our pets. But for homeowners with allergies, man’s best friend may feel more like man’s worst nightmare.

Is it possible to have pets when you also have allergies?

What causes allergies?

To start, let’s examine allergies themselves. People are allergic to certain particles and things that trigger an immune system response in their bodies. Some of the more common triggers include dander, hair, and saliva. In fact, all warm-blooded animals produce the protein that triggers this response in some individuals.

5 Pets for People with Allergies

Even with allergies and asthma, there are some species and breeds of pets that can be safe (or safer) for anyone.


Believe it or not, pigs are an increasingly popular pet for homeowners with or without allergies.


Homeowners and family members with allergies may find their new best friend in a bird. Cleaning the cage of feathers and feces regularly is the best way to prevent allergic reactions.

Rodents & Other Small Animals

Smaller animals have less fur, which means less surface area to trigger allergic reactions. If you or a loved one struggle with allergies, a hamster, rat, chinchilla, guinea pig, or rabbit may be the perfect pet!


Fish are an easy solution to wanting to care for an animal without dealing with allergy symptoms. Since fish aren’t mammals, they don’t produce the common proteins that cause allergy symptoms.


Reptiles are the end-all-be-all of the allergy-prone pet lover. Because reptiles are cold-blooded, they actually don’t produce the same protein that commonly causes allergic reactions. So snakes, lizards, and frogs may be your new best friend!

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