Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

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It’s easy to take your air conditioner for granted and delay planning for a replacement air conditioning system until it breaks down completely or until it requires an expensive repair. Even with yearly maintenance, AC systems gradually lose efficiency over the years, which can make replacement a way to save money on energy use and repair bills.

How Long will My Air Conditioner Last?

There are signs homeowners can identify before their AC system breaks down completely. If you are seeing any of the following, it is time to start shopping and planning for your new AC system.

1. If Your System is More than 10 Years Old You Should Consider AC Replacement

  • Air conditioners wear out just like any other household appliance. A well-maintained AC system, one that has received annual maintenance, will last 10 to 15 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders.
  • Yearly professional tune-ups help your air conditioning system last longer and keep manufacturer warranties valid in case of unexpected equipment failure. However, systems that have not been professionally maintained annually over their lifespan may not even last the full 10 years. Yearly tune-ups by Steve’s professional AC technicians keep your system in good working order, prevent costly repairs, and increase AC system lifespan. Hawai’i Energy offers rebates for AC tune-ups performed by Clean Energy Allies like Steve’s Plumbing & AC that help a great deal with the cost.

2. If Your Electricity Bills are Rising, It May Be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  • Even the best-maintained AC systems gradually lose efficiency over the years. If your air conditioning system is getting older, consider whether your high electricity bills could be the result of a faulty, failing, or inefficient AC system. An air conditioner that is working inefficiently will run more frequently and use up more electricity while still not adequately cooling your house.
  • Many utility companies provide comparison charts of how your bill has changed month over month and year over year and can help you assess the reason for energy usage increases. Hawai’i Energy has rebates available for new central air conditioning systems and new mini-split ductless air conditioning systems.
  • Newer cooling systems are more energy-efficient, cool better, and run quieter than older systems. Investing in an energy-efficient AC system will lower your electricity bills and provide you with more comfort.

3. If Your AC System uses a Phased-Out Refrigerant such as R-22 it is Time to Consider Replacement

  • On January 1, 2020, the manufacturing of ozone-depleting refrigerant R-22 was discontinued. Homeowners can have Steve’s qualified AC technicians inspect their system to determine what kind of refrigerant it uses. If your air conditioner was installed before 2010 it probably uses R-22. If your AC system uses ozone-depleting refrigerant and it needs repairs, the cost of repairs or adding refrigerant can be cost-prohibitive.

4. If Your Air Conditioning System has Repeated Breakdowns you Should Consider Replacement

  • Whether your AC system has reached the end of its average lifespan or not, having multiple repair jobs in a row could indicate it is near wearing out. If you have already fixed one issue and more are popping up, it might be best to cut your losses and replace your system.
  • Older air conditioners have more aesthetic issues as well. Rust is a problem, along with being noisier than newer models.

What if I Cannot Afford to Replace my Air Conditioner Right Now?

Replacing your central air conditioner or your mini-split ductless AC system is more affordable than you think. New AC system installation comes with an immediate monthly energy cost savings that you will enjoy on your electricity bill. New AC units outperform old units by 30% to 50% according to Hawaii Energy, no matter the Energy Star rating.

Many manufacturers offer attractive financing options for new air conditioning systems. And to encourage AC replacement with energy-efficient models, Hawai’i Energy offers immediate rebates of up to $750 per system. Steve’s air conditioning experts are happy to help you find financing options and will help you obtain your rebate from Hawai’i Energy as well.

Homeowners should use the assistance of well-trained comfort experts like those at Steve’s Plumbing & AC Hawaii to choose the most cost-effective AC system for their home over the long run. For more information on how to recognize when your cooling system needs replacing, contact us at (808) 455-COOL (2665).

For an easy and affordable way to stay current on your annual AC tune-ups and extend the life of your current air conditioning system, become an Ohana Club service member. You will receive annual AC tune-ups by our professional AC technicians at a reduced price, receive proof of annual maintenance to satisfy manufacturer warranties, and we will remind you when service is due, so can enjoy peace of mind.

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