How Often Should I Tune Up My Air Conditioner?

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Your air conditioner needs to be in good working order as it is responsible for keeping your home cool year-round. A well-maintained AC system provides you with cleaner indoor air, lower energy bills, and validated equipment warranties. How much maintenance do your central air conditioning or ductless air conditioning systems need, and how often should they be tuned up?

How Often Should I Tune Up My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning system needs annual tune-ups to keep its components clean and working properly. Over time, dirt builds up in the coils, fans, filters, and other components causing your system to work harder. An AC system that is working harder has a shorter lifespan and uses more energy. According to Angi, annual maintenance can extend their life by several years, as well as save you up to 15 percent a month on your energy bills.

What happens if you skip a year of air conditioner maintenance? By delaying your annual AC tune-up, you are taking a risk that saving money in the short run will not cause your system to need costly repairs or premature replacement. Worse yet, you risk the possibility that your system may stop working during the hottest days of the year when they work the hardest. Getting an AC technician to repair your air conditioner on the hottest days of the year can be a real challenge, because they are typically the busiest on these days, so you may be waiting a long time in your hot home.

Why are Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Recommended – Top Four Reasons

  1. Save on electricity and usage to lower energy bills and reduce environmental impact.
  • When you do not maintain your air conditioning system’s health, it will run less efficiently, meaning your cooling (electric) bills will be higher than they should be. Excessive energy consumption places an unnecessary burden on the environment.
  1. By paying a little now you can keep warranties intact and prevent spending more later.
  • According to Consumer Reports, a cooling system lasts about 10 to 15 years. You shorten the lifespan and possibly void warranties if you do not maintain your system annually. Over time, air conditioner coils become dirty, which makes them less efficient. In addition, this will cause the AC to run longer, reducing the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Most air conditioner manufacturers require regular maintenance to fulfill their warranties. They may also require documented annual maintenance by a professional air conditioner technician.
  1. Avoid having your air conditioner break down at the worst time.
  • The longer you neglect your AC system, the more likely something is to break, costing you more in the long run. For example, not changing the filter puts strain on the system and can lead to costly repairs like a blower motor failure.
  • Over time, electrical connections can loosen and cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.
  1. Keep your family safe and your indoor air clean.
  • Air conditioner maintenance can detect overheating parts and damaged electrical wiring, both of which can cause fires.
  • Regular maintenance also keeps air conditioners free from bacteria and mold which can lead to stuffy noses, sore throats, and difficulty breathing. Changing air filters regularly also removes more airborne particles from your indoor air.

Should you have your air conditioner tuned up if it is running fine? Some feel that calling a technician to examine your AC system when nothing seems wrong is a waste of time and money. However, waiting until you experience problems is the least efficient way to maintain your system and often ends in more costly repairs and wasted time.

Are Service Plans Worth the Money?

Yes, service plans like Steve Plumbing & AC’s Ohana Club Membership are a great way to save money on annual tune-ups and other services. Plus, homeowners receive reminders when service is due, making scheduling routine maintenance more convenient. Ohana Club members also receive front-of-the-line priority scheduling if any unforeseen issues arise.

The professionals at Steve’s Plumbing & AC are here to save you money and make your life easier. You may contact us anytime via chat, email, or phone to get your AC tune-up scheduled.

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