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Is My Tap Water Safe to Drink? Water Testing and Water Filtration

Fuel leaks from the Red Hill underground fuel storage facility near Pearl Harbor in 2021 contaminated water for thousands of Hawaii residents. Improper disposal of chemicals by a dry cleaning company contaminated the drinking water at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base in North Carolina. Train cars that derailed in 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio released toxic chemicals into the surface waters, threatening to infiltrate the water supply of nearby Columbus residents.

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

In today’s increasingly polluted world, how safe is your drinking water? When it comes to the water you drink and bathe in, you should choose safe over sorry. Steve’s Plumbing & AC water purification professionals can test your home’s water in minutes.

What Chemicals do Municipal Treatment Centers Put in Your Water Supply?

There is a lot of discussion about the long-term health risks of the chemicals municipal water treatment centers put into our tap water. The chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride typically placed into municipal water sources kills contaminants but drinking and bathing these chemicals may not be optimal. And the lead, radon, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals that drinking water can pick up on the way to your tap should be considered.

How Can I Test My Drinking Water?

There is only one way to know how safe your tap water is, and that is to have your water tested. Steve’s Plumbing & AC water purification professionals can test your home’s water in minutes. What if your water is not safe to drink? Whole-home water purification systems placed at your water intake can clean contaminants out of your water, making it much safer to drink and bathe in, and better tasting, too.

What is the Best Water Filtration System?

The best water filtration system for your home depends on the contaminants you are targeting for removal. Water filtration and purification systems typically use a combination of sediment filters, oxidation media, bacteriostatic media and activated carbon filters to remove all traces of lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides from your water.

Whole-home water filtration and purification systems remove contaminants from at your home’s water intake source so your entire home is protected, including your bath and shower water and steam. Reverse osmosis systems are also available to install at your kitchen sink to further enhance the taste of drinking water.

Is Bottled Water a Safe Alternative?

Unfortunately, bottled water comes from the same municipal water sources as your tap water, so it is unclear how well different bottlers purify bottled water before packaging. Different states regulate bottled water packaging differently, and some states don’t regulate it at all.

Chemicals called phthalates, which are known to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time. Although there are regulatory standards limiting phthalates in tap, there are no legal limits in bottled water.

What’s the Best Way to Purify My Water?

Fortunately there are many different methods and systems to use to purify your drinking water. To chose the best system for your home, you should have your water tested first. The water purification experts at Steve’s Plumbing & AC can test the water in your home today, and can help you choose and install the best water purification system for your needs. Call us today at 808-431-3646 or schedule a water testing and purification consultation online.