Mini-Split vs Central Air AC Systems

Mini-Split vs Central Air AC Systems

Mini-Splits vs Central Air: Alternatives to Window Air Conditioners

If you are considering upgrading to a whole-home air conditioning system, you have a couple of options: mini-split ductless AC systems and central air conditioning systems.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split AC System?

A ductless mini-split AC system consists of a condenser outside of the home, and one or more indoor fan-operated air handling units. Indoor units are mounted to the wall instead of taking up valuable window space like window air conditioners. Since the condenser unit is outside of the home instead of in your window, your noise level is significantly less.

Mini-splits utilize conduit to send cooled air to your indoor air handlers. These conduits are encapsulated to keep out dust and don’t require cleaning like ductwork.

Some mini-split ductless AC systems have heating capabilities on their indoor air handling units, making them valuable to your home comfort when you want just a little heat.

What is a Better AC System, Mini-Splits or Central Air?

The quick answer is, it depends on your home and your lifestyle needs. Central air conditioning systems are the most common type of home cooling system in the United States. Most new home construction includes the ductwork necessary to use central air conditioning and heating systems. Central air conditioning systems allow you to control the temperature of your entire home with one thermostat which, depending upon your unit, can also can also be controlled via Wi-Fi from your phone while away from home.

If your home already has ductwork, installing central air conditioning is the most affordable way to go. If you don’t have ductwork but your home can accommodate it, installing ductwork can add value to your home. Ductwork also allows for better air circulation so you can move allergens through filtration and purification systems to neutralize their effects.

Mini-splits have many advantages for homes that do not already have ductwork, or for rooms where ductwork isn’t possible to install. And, mini-split ductless AC systems are very efficient, which can save you money in the long run.

One big advantage of mini-split ductless AC systems is the ability to control the temperature separately in each room that contains an indoor air handler, so you can create separate cooling zones in your home. You can turn the temperature up or down in rooms that don’t require as much cooling. You can even turn the AC on and off when you enter and leave the room.

Can I Afford a Mini-Split or Central Air Conditioning System?

Are you tired of your window air conditioners but don’t think you can afford a whole-home air conditioning solution? You may be surprised at how little mini-split systems and central air conditioning systems cost you in the long run. Homeowners can see an immediate drop in their energy bill when installing new energy-efficient AC technology in their homes. This energy savings is so great that Hawai’i Energy offers homeowners instant rebates of up to $750 when they install new AC systems using Clean Energy Ally companies like Steve’s Plumbing & AC. Air conditioning manufacturers also offer competitive financing terms to obtain your business, often with no interest or payments for months or years.

How Do I Know What AC Solution is Best for My Family?

Air conditioning decisions can be complicated, but not to worry – the Comfort Advisors at Steve’s Plumbing & AC will help you to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your home and family. Call us today to schedule a free in-home proposal. We are excited about providing you a cool life and look forward to sharing our expertise with you today!