Keep This Holiday Waste Out of Your Drains

The next few months are generally everyone’s favorite time of year: whether you prefer Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another celebration, there’s no better time to reflect on the lives we lead and the many bounties we’ve been blessed with.

Seasonal Tips for Clog-Free Drains

The holidays are also one of the busiest times of the year for your local plumbers. With larger gatherings and heavier, more savory foods on the menu, your plumbing gets a lot more use during the holiday season than you may expect. Follow these easy tips to keep your drains clear and your holiday cheery all season long!

Know Where to Dispose of Food Scraps

Some households have the habit of throwing all food scraps down the drain, which takes a toll on your disposal over time. Some common clog contributors include:

  1. Animal bones - Any kind of bones should be disposed of in the trash as they’re typically too large and hard for the disposal to safely grind up.
  2. Starchy foods - The holidays are a great time of year for heavy, filling foods such as potato, rice, and pasta dishes. All food scraps from starchy foods should be disposed of in the trash, as starch expands in water and can add to blockages in your sink.
  3. Stringy scraps - Fibrous materials like pumpkin guts can gum up the garbage disposal and contribute to sticky, clumpy clogs.

Have a conversation with your family or make a chart next to the sink to remind everyone to dispose of these food scraps in the trash and NOT down the sink.

Prevent Clogs in the Bathroom

Our number one plumbing tip for the holiday season? Place trash cans in bathrooms. Hosting the family get-together is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of work for your plumbing. Placing trashcans in the bathroom will dissuade houseguests from disposing of trash like feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, floss, and more down the toilet.

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