The culprit behind the ghost flushing may not be a ghost

What is Ghost Flushing?

Ghost Flushing: The Phantom Of The Bathroom

While many things can go bump in the night, nothing is more frightening than the sound of...a toilet flush! Okay, ghost flushing may not be scary sounding, but you try making a toilet sound scary. If you ever noticed that you’re walking around your home and all of a sudden can hear a toilet flushing, you may have experienced ghost flushing. While a toilet flushing on its own can sound creepy, the cause behind ghost flushing can be relatively tame.

Check The Flapper

If you notice that your toilet sounds like water keeps running long after you flushed it, you more than likely have an issue with your toilet’s flapper. Sometimes a faulty flapper can cause your toilet water to run when nobody is around, which can gradually raise your energy bills without you noticing. To test for a defective flapper, try pouring a colored food dye into your toilet’s water tank. Come back after an hour or two, and if the water tank is still the color of the food dye, then your flapper is not the culprit. However, if you notice that the food dye is gone, then you have a leaky flapper.

Faulty Handle

Another common cause of ghost flushing is that the chain for your toilet’s handle is too short. This often happens when replacing your toilet’s chain.. A short chain can cause the handle to not correctly control the seal of your flapper, causing your water to run randomly throughout the day. You might have guessed the fix for this issue, and it’s getting a longer chain to help your handle properly create a seal for your toilet’s flapper.

When Do I Need to Hire a Plumber?

If your flapper and chain are not the culprits of your ghost flushing, then you might have an issue with your toilet’s fill tubes. Improperly positioned refill tubes can cause internal leaks that will lead to ghost flushing, as well as any structural damage to the tube. If you notice water around the base of your toilet, or water dripping from the tank onto your floor, you need a repair. Broken seals and bolts can cause a lot more issues than just a tiny pool of water by your toilet, and you want to have a professional inspect your bathroom as soon as possible.

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