Can Pests Live in My Plumbing?

Often homeowners may think that their pipes are alive when they make odd sounds and those sounds usually are the sign of old pipes or even clogs. However, on rare occasions, those rattling and clanging sounds might be the sign of a pest finding its way into your plumbing. While it may sound icky, pests can find a way to take home in your plumbing, but luckily you can prevent those pests from causing damage!

Plumbing Problems Attract Pests

If you have a pipe leak, you might be tempting fate by attracting pests to your plumbing! Pipe leaks create a water source for many pests, so not only do you have to worry about potential water damage and mold, you need to keep pests in mind.

People wonder how pests can enter your plumbing, and usually, pests will find their way into your plumbing after entering your home through window cracks or even the front door. However, bugs like roaches can sneak in from outside through pipe cracks or improperly sealed fixtures. Even openings without any screen protection can lead to pests making your plumbing their new home.

Pests Can Damage Your Plumbing

Where pests become a bigger headache is when they settle in your plumbing. Whether you have roaches or flies breeding in your plumbing, these insects can cause nasty clogs that can put a strain on your plumbing. With larger pests like rodents attracted by pipe leaks, they can eat away at the insulation around your pipes, and you will notice when your water bill is a little higher. The more pests you attract, the bigger your repair bill will be, and you want to avoid structural damage altogether.

Keeping Pests Away

The first step in keeping pests out of your plumbing is to seal any pipe leaks and cracks. We know that pipe leaks create a water source that can attract pests to your pipes and use them as a breeding ground, so getting rid of their water source will cut down on pests.

Secondly, you want to maintain good plumbing care to avoid clogs. Do your best to avoid pouring down oil, flushable wipes, or other items that can get stuck in your drains. Remember to clean your drains and the surfaces around them to avoid bacteria build-up. Avoid reaching for chemical detain cleaners, as these products can damage your pipes, and instead opt-in for a simple vinegar and baking soda solution. Routine maintenance will also help cut down on potential clogs and not create environments pests love.

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