4 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Between cooking and cleaning, our kitchens see a lot of water use. According to recent reports, the average American household uses up to 27 gallons of water to wash dishes alone. There are many ways to reduce our water use while cooking and cleaning.

4 Ways to Save Water in the Kitchen

Reduce the water used in your home with these tips:

Reuse water

Does your family go through a lot of produce? Collect the water used to wash off fruits and vegetables and reuse it to water plants around your home!

Use the dishwasher

Using your dishwasher to clean dishes can save a lot of water and money. Your dishwasher uses a set amount of water for each cycle, making it easier to track water usage. Compare this to how much water is used while washing dishes by hand (as water continuously runs down the drain), and you’ll understand how it saves water. Be sure to always run a full cycle in the dishwasher, otherwise, you’ll be wasting energy,

Upgrade your dishwasher

Did you know an EnergyStar dishwasher uses as little as 3 gallons of water for every cycle? Outside of saving water, EnergyStar certified appliances use less electricity than older models.

Steaming vegetables

Steam your vegetables while cooking to keep nutrients in food as well as use less water than other cooking methods.

Prevent Water Damage While Cooking

Reducing water use in the kitchen is a great way to be environmentally conscious, but it can also help to save you money and headaches by preventing water damage! Steam from washing dishes and cooking can settle on your walls and ceiling and create mold and mildew over time. Use your kitchen’s ventilation or exhaust fan to vent out moisture and protect your home.

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